Week 3 Module – Analyse the City

Exercise 1 Historical Time Line

Shows the changes made to urban form over time.

Exercise 2 Mobility Analysis 

EX 2 mobility

Thi map is used to show the forms of transport as well as travelling paths. This figure outlines the way the general public move throughtout this general area. The bold orange lines indicate the major roads, the thinner orange lines outline the minor roads in the area. The white lines indicate the residential roads and paths. The ferry path is outlined in blue.

Exercise 3 Functional Anaylsis


The functional analysis map outlines the building functions and how certain blocks are situated. This map helps to understand how people use the urban space. The structure of the functions map above is in an orderly fashion with no surprise outcomes.

The dark blue is major commercial blocks

The light blue is minor commerical blocks a well as industrial blocks

The dark red is highrise apartments blocks

The light red being residential blocks

The green being park areas

The purple indicates schools

Exercise 4 Morpho-Typological Analysis


This morpho-typological anaylsis map outlines the functions of buildings in certain areas. The outlined form is goverened by the relationship between the built environment and open spaces. As can be seen in this map

Blue: Commercial

Red: Light industrial

Green: Low density residential

Purple: High density residential

For Next Week:

  • Preliminary Research of Chosen City – Chosen City being Port Said
  • Preliminary Maps
  • Gather Data
  • Structure Report
  • Historical Anaylsis

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