Week 1

1st Entry 002 image two OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

First Journal Entry – 3 Comments on above images

The first reflective task in dab525 was to comment on these three pictures. With this being the first reflective task on a city, as well as being the first reflective task in the first class of the year, I tried to point out certain aspects as well as I could. At the end of dab525, I shall revisit these images and comment on them with a greater sense of knowledge developed from Architecture and the City.

  • My first comment is about how disconnected the city seems to be from the natural environment. You could say that the city likes its neighbours, loves itself even more. You can also say that not just the city itself, but most buildings within the city seem to love its neighbours except the one obvious building that loves itself.
  • My second comment refers to the very concentrated urban areas vs. the natural areas. There seems to be a high concentrated areas where all buildings are located, and are not spaced out.
  • My third comment refers to the city layout and roads. From what is shown in the second picture, the streets do not seem to be in a grid layout plan, making the areas and streets look somewhat disorientating.

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